Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chopsticks + Blogfest 2006 + Of IA & SEP

Check out this Chopsticks using guide by Stupid Genius:

The blogger even explains the phyiscs principle behind the methods of holding a chopsticks and also a step by step guide on the correct way to hold them in the traditional method as shown below.

The above is the traditional method of holding the chopsticks and it’s the more efficient way to pick up food. Yet, very few people, including myself, actually use this method. The most commonly used method would be the cross method where the sticks are hold in such a way that a cross is formed. I was once reprimanded corrected by Wei Heng, my partner in crimes in S3 branch aka the loving buddy of NinjaZG, who showed me the above method of holding the chopsticks which I actually tried it for a few days until I gave up and got back to my old ways… just cant kick the habit I guess. It is indeed a more efficient way of picking up food such as fish balls as the grip is much more stable than the cross method. But heck, there is always the spoon.


Blogfest 2006

Next up, I have a few new blog links at the sidebar which I found interesting from my surfing via the Blogfest 2006 website:

Come Here For Free Brain Haemorrhage
korchagin's Universe
No Recess
Siu Hang
Whispers of a Blue Moon

I was actually voting for these blogs once in a while before they reset the polls and limit one vote per account. Vote for them if you find them interesting, especially Siu Hang, fellow Engineer! =)


Of IA and SEP

Anyway i think its time to get real serious with my work now that its only around one month plus to my exams, shucks just how fast time flies, another semester is coming to an end soon...

I was actually discussing with some of my friends of our plans for year 3 already. Well, no harm doing some dreaming planning of the possibilities of getting out of nus for at least a semester going for Student Exchange Program (SEP) or Industral Attachment(IA).

Well of course, IA would have to depend on whether we are being accepted by the companies and also i would think that this program will be rather competitive. Unlike our counterparts from ntu, they have to do compulsory attachment before they graduate, which i believe is a very good thing as this program allow students to gain exposure to the industry, yet we nus engin students have to fight for our places. Sadly, it would have to depends on our CAPs again.

As for SEP, there's always the financial factor. It was estimated that a semester of sep would average out to a cost of at least $6000 Sing dollars and up to $12000 for places like the UK (read: Tim and Si Qi!). Not many can cough out such money. So some friends, including Chu Wen, suggested going NTU for exchange. At first, this idea may seems ridiculous to some and they will exclaimed: "Whats the difference? Nus and ntu, both Singapore leh, bo liao arh?" But if you dun have the money and you feel like experiencing a different university life for one semester and also take advantage of the system, you will see where me and my friends are coming from...


chillycraps said...

thanks currytan for the recommendation!

ok I shall engineer more crappy stuffs then~ =P

cheahchuwen said...

sep @ ntu la..can la. at least wont see mr lim there. =)

blueodyssey said...

am i hearing someone wanting to come ntu for exchange? hrmmm

very far leh haha

oh well if u all do... do inform me... i will bring u all ard loh.

welcome to ntu! haha

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