Thursday, March 23, 2006

More videos

The recent physics lecture on quantum physics left us all baffled where electrons seem to act like waves instead of particles and worse still, it can be at two different place at one time as seen from the double slit experiment where an electron, in going through one slit, interferes with itself going through the other slit. The following video discussed this weird phenomenon. And there’s an even more puzzling phenomenon towards the end of the clip. Link here!

Well, enough of physics, here is an amazing juggling performance by Chris Bliss.

Next up, a hilarious shit and let’s call it “Hold this"

Lastly, Two Commercials to Brighten Up Your Day, watch them over at Pandemonium's.


The current condition of my desk now:

Not really that messy, yet.

A closer look:

Studying for my gem (Living with fluids) lor. Test is on this coming monday. This section is about flight of birds & insects and swimming of the fishes. Can get rather technical at times, although they claimed that this is more of a discovery channel kind of module. Luckily I have physics knowledge man.

Anyway, I have been having wild thoughts lately, making some impossible and crazy academic plans. Nah not going to mention it here. Those who knows me well will know what I have been thinking about.


-fir- said...

hahahaha.. i love the quantum physics movie!! they should show this at lecture man... so cool! lol

cheahchuwen said...

dun mug...
so sian

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