Thursday, January 19, 2006

Timetable for sem 2

The 2nd week of semester 2 is coming to an end and thus our no-tutorial-no-labs period is going to end soon. Tutorials, programming labs, online tutorials & quiz will start coming into the picture to keep us all busy. Anyway, the following is what my official timeable looks like after all the tutorial balloting and swapping:

This looks scary. Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 6pm.. Thursday also seems like a long day. And Friday with that 10am to 5pm back to back lesson without break. Oh my, where's lunch then?

But, its not.

Actually, the lab (physics) on tuesday is only for 2 weeks. Week 5 and 10. So this can be ignore.

Next, the cs lab on thursday is a week-long assignment and can be done at home. Going down to the lab itself is optional. I will most probably be doing them from home. So ignore those 2 slots too.

And not forgetting that i am going to webcast all the MA1506(maths 2) lectures, not because TBP is lousy but webcasting is good & his lectures are all so late.. So delete all the maths lectures.

Also, for EG1413 (Critical thinking & writing) tutorial, we will be having it on tuesday and only the 2nd hr for the friday slot. So there, remove another 1 hr.

Lastly, i shall shift the EG1413 lecture from thursday to Tuesday and join group D. There is a reason for doing this. Read on. =p

So I will end up with this:

PC1432 (physics 2) tutorial is only on odd weeks; so this means that i will have my thursday free for alternate weeks and more or less considered a 4 day work week. Woah, thats pretty amazing for a 6 modules semester.

And oh yes, tests are coming up too. Will be having a test for the module "Living with fluids" on next wednesday. This is the first of the four tests we will be having for this module and each test contributes 25%. No exam.

This module till now is my favourite, the lecturer is interesting, the contents are useful & informative and also relevant to our everyday life. Now i have a better appreciation of why planes and cars are designed the way it is, why racing cars are so different from the normal production cars, and why fighter planes have such sweptback wings (delta wings) which are so different from the normal commercial

Oh yes tests. There will be more tests coming up after the chinese new year..
16th feb - Maths
17th feb - Physics
18th feb - Programming and Econs...

Alright, its time to tune my mood back into studying again, have been slacking too much for the past 2 weeks.. Time to mug.


-fir- said...

hahaha i gave up with TBP lectures too! makes mon & fri so much more free!! after all the webcasts are great!

Currytan said...

Oh yes yes webcast is great! Haha wait a minute i thought u were supporting TBP at the other post? Haha giving up already? Yeah another anti-TBP! Cheers. oops =)

Currytan said...

And oh my, your cs1231.. learning the language of computers, 0s and 1s? i think i will be bored to tears. C++ is better. Cya ard. =)

The Rational Neurotic said...

good good! you and chuwen are invited to my place on the 18th after your papers, you know? =)))

I'll be cramming then. You'll have to entertain my 6 little ones!

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