Monday, January 23, 2006

Idol fever!

Came home this evening after a long day in school and noticed something on my brother’s door.

Hmm what’s that?

What the? Take a closer look.

Ya right… zzz

Yes idol fever is here again and Singapore idol is back! Auditions start on the 11th of February. Register at now! But before plunging into that, let’s watch the American idol first. The 1st few episodes are really must watch. Not just for American idol, but also for the channel U’s superstar project, super host, super band, and all the super-shit shows. I mean really, the first few episodes which feature all the auditions are really the highlights of such competition (other than the semi and finals). You get to see all sort of people, we have the daring yet no talent ones, the totally cannot make it yet think they are the best kind, super ultra thick skin with very bizarre performance ones, etc etc. And of course we have got inspiring ones, like the blind with a truly mesmerizing voice, the mute using hand signs to perform their song, etc. These are the people who, despite their disability, are brave enough to step out and do things which were perceived to be for the “normal” people. These are the people, who grab hold strongly to the opportunity to fulfill their own dreams despite the unfavorable circumstances.

Catch American Idol on channel 5 every Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm. Also check out the Singapore idol when it begins, we might get another of this amazingly thick skin yellow-underwear-guy.