Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mee soup

Ever brought mee soup back home and realized by the time you pour the contents out, the mee turned so soggy and stick to each other that you lost your appetite for the meal? Well that’s the reason why we seldom buy mee soup back home. But for today, my mom suddenly had the urge to eat mee soup and being a filial son, I hopped over to the hawker centre to get our lunch.

What the hawker did amazed me. She heated up the mee and the cooked ingredients like meat, fish cakes, vegetables and prawns, and placed them in one bag. Subsequently, she poured the boiling soup into another bag. The intention was clear; the soup wasn’t poured together into the bag with the mee so as not to dampen up the mee and cause the sogginess as mentioned above. I have never seen other hawker doing such thing before and in order to confirm my inference, I asked her purpose for doing so. Indeed, she did it out of consideration for her customers and her understanding of the soggy problem. Thoughtful and smart, I would say. I shall patronize this stall more often. All it took was a little kindness and a little effort and she will get contented patrons like me.

Anyway i asked my mom what she loved most about mee soup, guess what she said?

Mom: Tau gay (bean sprout) !
Me: Mom??? How about the meat, prawns and the mee? No?
Mom: Nah, you can have the meat and prawns if you want. *Dumps prawns and meat to me*

My mom... I love my mom. =)

Soup and mee separated.

Nope its not soggy, nice. =)

Indian Rojak to go with the mee.


Hall production: Fame

Attended a theatrical hall production “Fame” yesterday in the University Cultural Centre (UCC). Well, we were strongly encouraged by Liu Ting to watch this wonderful performance by NUS King Edward VII hall (her hall) at a special price at $15. Hall plays have been the tradition for KE VII hall for more than 30 years and charity has been the main motivation for preserving this custom. As for this year, the beneficiary is the Andrew and Grace home (AG home).

What is the price of fame? The cast of fame aims to answer that question through their terrific acting and dancing skills. The play began with auditions of applicants who wished to get into this School of Performing Arts in New York City. Everyone came from different background but all with a determined dream in mind, the pursuit of fame. The audiences were presented with the different problems each individual encountered during the pursuit and how they came to terms with their setbacks.

Doris, who developed the most in the play in my opinion, learned to be beautiful in her own ways and not be like a puppet who were more or less manipulated by her mummy.

Ralph Garcy, the clown cum the professional asshole, was the best in my opinion that brought out most of the laughter. This guy was really damn good lar. He was always in the quest of making people laugh, either through annoying others or making the fool out of himself. He eventually learned that he needs to make people laugh with him and not at him.

Also, Leroy was the street-smart but academic failure who did not get past 3rd grade (if I remember correctly) and pissed the hell out of the English teacher and yes we cannot really understand his English sometimes but that’s understandable. Probably only his talent and passion in the dancing field can lead him to success.

Montgomery was in an army academic before coming over to this arts school. In the beginning, he portrayed his dread for loneliness in the barracks and his need for companionship, particularly his mom in the beginning and later became friends in the school. I think he was in love with Doris.

Ok, last but not least in my list of favorite characters in the play is Hillary Van Doren, Eunice played this role and she danced very elegantly, totally mesmerized in her beautiful moves and steps, especially the dance with Leroy where the audience applauded unanimously.

All in all, it was a great play and it was $15 well spent, not forgetting that it was a pleasant gathering with the OACians last night (well although not all turned up). Looking forward to our Chinese New Year gathering. Cheers!


ZenEkz said...

Sometimes its good to let off some steam on one's own blog... It helps to cool one dwn...Nthng wrng. I also often do that. No need to care about wat others think.

Lovence said...

Hey, I know you're Yuande's friend.. So happened to read your very interesting blogs and feel that you're really quite a fillal & caring son. 10 claps for you! And I got read your other interesting & funni posts.. If most of the guys can be like you, fillal, caring, observant and helpful.. Then many girls will be in luck le! Cheers! Hope you dun mind my comments here..

Anonymous said...

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