Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rain rain go away

Oh gosh, it’s raining like as though the sky is falling once again this morning and it’s showing no signs of stopping at all. Well, it’s a good thing that there is no lesson for me today, but I still had to go out and buy my brunch just now and it was so freaking cold that I was literally shaking while gripping on to the umbrella which almost served no purpose in that terribly heavy downpour. I just cannot stand cold weather; I will shake, sniff and sneeze like shit, nose will run like mad, brains will probably freeze and I might just become plain intolerant to other disturbances around me.

hmm why was the west side sparred from the rain??

I check up the rain locations in Singapore via this site just now and realized that the entire Ubin Island was engulfed in the moderate and heavy rain region. Well, this brought back memories of our ubin trip just one month back where we celebrated Liu Ting’s birthday. The rain dampened our bodies but not our spirit; we continued cycling in the rain, well actually we had to until we found a shelter. It was a pretty heavy rain but I doubt it’s heavier than the rain right now, and visibility was terrible. Riding in such conditions was dangerous, especially dashing down a rather steep slope where I feared for the safety of those behind me. Fortunately, nothing awful happened. Upon reaching the pavilion, we continued chatting, catching up and sharing of uni survival tips, oblivious to the merciless rain. Oh well, not surprisingly, we all fell sick after the trip.

Only got one decent pic nia..


Diablo 2

Oh yes yes I did it; raise my Druid, a werewolf, to the level of 50 and equipped him with a "rain" runeword armor. It wasn't a really difficult task; all I did was to change the player setting to 8 and just whack Baal and his minions probably a dozen times. Changing player setting can be done by typing “/playersX” in the chat box where X is the number of players you want to set. By changing the setting to 8 means that the monsters will be 8 times tougher as though there are 8 players in the game and correspondingly, the amount of experience points you get will be higher (not 8 times but something else, forgot the figures liao). Actually, “rain” runeword wasn’t very impressive; “enigma” is the real thing, but that’s really almost impossible right now as it requires not one, but two very rare runes, jah and ber. Ok, just some pics here and I should be done with this game until the next vacation.

See what has the rainy season done to the char in d2 lar, not just me(the werewolf) is freezing, my bear & oak sage and even Mr baal were also turning blue due to the coldness...

Engulfed in fire and err ice..?
hmmm, weird combination..

The weapon i am currently using, bonesnap with a shael rune socketed in it. shael rune gave 20% increased attack speed which changed my attack speed from fast to very fast, sweet.

"Rain" Nothing very impressive, just the +2 to druid skill, 15% dmg to mana and the chance to cast cyclone armor and twister upon struck and striking respectively.

5% of casting twister on striking and with my very fast attack speed, the chances of casting increases. =)

Twister have low dmg but have a stunning effect on monster, its only 0.4 sec but can be critical at very tight situations.. *monster on the right kena stunned*


cheahchuwen said...

oh Baal, i whacked the shit out of him that time. and i recall got some Arcane portal like stage. Man i miss that game.

oh yeah, the west is also raining. I think the site bluff u one

NinjaLZG said...

bet those pple in tekong must be darn happy...

cheahchuwen said...

ehhh ZG, u gave ur profile away. =)

Currytan said...

NinjaZG: I help u delete it away liao. haha later Mr.X wander off to ur blog then jialat. There, you owe me a lunch. =p

Chuwen: Oh yea that Arcane portal is in Act 2. And wat? the site bluff me? =(

NinjaLZG said...

Currytan, thks! HAHAHA! =)

heh heh... okay, buy u a drink one of these days! :) non-viscous fluids kind... :)