Thursday, December 29, 2005

Need For Speed: Most wanted

The excitement of street racing permeates the air once again as Jing Xi and I got addicted into the game of Need for Speed (NFS): Most Wanted. To be the most notorious street racer and work your way up the blacklist while evading the police’s never-ending pursuits and become the most wanted. That’s the objective of the game.


The game started off with a few races with the BMW M3. This is a pretty fast ride with decent handling, so there was not much problem for those first few races, until that Razor guy came into the picture. He was blacklist number 15 at that point of time and was my first challenger to get up that list. Apparently, he did something to my ride and it broke down halfway through the race. So, I lost my ride to him and also kena busted by the cops. Dang!

Now, I was released very soon due to lack of evidence or something and with the help of Mia (a hottie =p), I got myself a new ride. A pathetic ride I must add. 3 to choose from: Lexus IS 300, Fiat Punto or Chevrolet Cobalt SS. I chose the Lexus for its better handling. Now, that asshole Razor actually has to cheek to use my ride to get himself to the top of the list. Has he no shame at all? Now, it’s pay back time. But in order to challenge him, I would need to beat the rest of the fourteen below him in the list, starting from number 15. But, in order to challenge the rival, I will need to fulfill some requirements first, and that includes completing a certain amount of races, milestones and accumulates a certain amount of bounty. Milestones refer to the objectives you need to achieve during a police pursuit. Bounty refers to how notorious you are and how badly you are wanted by the police. This can be achieved by creating as much mayhem as you can to the city.

Blacklist number 15: Ho Seun (Sonny)

Ride: VW Golf GTI

"This here is Sonny. He's dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride is worked so don't be fooled, it's a rocket. He does anything he can to get a hold of parts before they hit the streets."

Rocket? Ya right. This guy was a joke, so were the rest of his followers. They were so ultra slow that I was always way ahead of them and when I had a terrible crash, they could not even catch up. In my opinion, they are incredibly cautious drivers, slowing down drastically, almost coming to a complete halt at times, when approaching a sharp bend, slowing down when there is traffic around, and just not aggressive enough.

Furthermore, the cops at this stage were extremely dumb. Their cars are so weak that a slight push on their side is enough to cause much destruction to them, sending them spinning and crashing around. No road blocks or any other fancy stuns to stop me. But the “Pursuit Time Challenge” always drove me nuts. This requires me to get into a police pursuit lasting for a certain period of time, say 2 mins. At the early stage, the cops were so weak that by say 1 minute, I would have immobilized most of them and to stay in the pursuit I need to slow down and wait for them to catch up and be gentle with them so as not to wipe every single cop out in order to complete the “challenge”. Man that was tough… lol

My first ride!

Blacklist number 14: Vince Kilic (Taz)

Ride: Lexus IS300

"This crazy fool is a major heat score. Blacklist gave him the name 'Taz'.

He hates cops and they hate him. Watch yourself around this guy. He prowls the streets of Rosewood looking for newbies."


Well, the reason why he needed to look for newbies would be that he is a pathetic racer! Not much improvement from the previous guy, sonny. And I dun understand why the cops think he is a threat, perhaps because they are dumb, read above. Nothing worth mentioning here and his ride is nothing special anyway.

Oh yeah, upon defeating a rival, you can choose up to 2 out of 6 markers and out of these, there are 3 unique performance/visual/parts upgrades and 3 unknown ones marked with a question mark. And one of the unknown markers contain a pink slip to the rival car, ie u get his/her car. I did not know this until I finish this guy. However, as I mentioned earlier, his ride is just a piece of junk, therefore I sold it for some cash to upgrade mine.

Blacklist number 13: Victor Vasquez (Vic)

Ride: Toyota Supra

"This dude's been holding it down in the #13 slot for a while now. He can't break out of his rut and no one can run him out. He's slack and dangerous but knows how to handle his ride. He'll smoke you if he gets the chance."


Yea, he will smoke me only if he ever gets the chance. Although he was driving in a better machine than mine, Vic was a terrible driver; I wondered how he got his license. He kept crashing and was way behind me throughout both the entire sprint races. Dangerous and knows how to handle his ride? Hell no.

Getting to him wasn’t hard either, the races and the police pursuits were still manageable at that stage. Defeated him and got his pink slip and $15k cash bonus. Woah! Nice.

Blacklist number 12: Isabel Diaz (Izzy)

Ride: Mazda RX-8

"Izzy is definitely a chick you don't want to mess with. She knows everything there is about cars, on and off the road. She's got her ride wired tight. She comes from a long line of race fanatics. Everybody she runs with is either a cousin, friend or uncle. They all stick close so don't get on her bad side."

Well after beating Vic, Camden beach will be unlocked and so the races will be going through that unexplored area. And so, I was pretty confused at times and it almost drove me crazy during one of the races in that unfamiliar route as there was so many intersection and short-cuts plus with the cops behind my back, I crashed and crashed like shit. Furthermore, cops now get tougher as road blocks are being introduced and they seem somewhat smarter now.

But of course, I got through that after restarting a few times and finally got used to the roads in Camden beach. Izzy wasn’t very tough, but I must admit that this chick was better than the rest so far, perhaps because she was on that RX-8. Well, no more, her RX-8 is now mine. =)

Yup, I am now at number 12 in the blacklist, riding on the Mazda RX-8 I got from Izzy.

Izzy's car

This is what i changed it to =)

To be continued...

Anyway, do check out a well written review of this game
by Firdooze too. Cheers!


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