Thursday, December 22, 2005

On the eve of the result release

Good luck. That’s what some people wished me since the start of this week as our results are going to be release soon. Although I appreciate those words of encouragement and concern, deep down inside, I wondered how exactly luck can play any role in this case. Exams have already been sat for and completed. The grades which we are all waiting anxiously for have already been determined the moment we stepped out of the examination hall. Each and every of us more or less knew how we did for the exams, forming an impression of how our grades might turn out as we started comparing our answers and discussing the questions with our classmates and friends. To me, it would be just confirming if my predictions were right, and most likely, it shouldn’t deviate too much.

Ntu released their results a couple of days ago and with it, I saw happiness, relief, disappointment, despair, worries and more. Some just cannot hide their surprise at how well they did, while some disappointed, wondering if they could have done better. Some were just relief that they cleared all their modules, some despair, staring in disbelief at their results, praying that somehow there was a mistake. Some calling frantically to everyone else finding out how they fared, while some did not even know the results were released. Some cannot wait to share their happiness, while some disappeared, perhaps wallow in self-pity, succumbed to failures…

3pm. That’s the time tomorrow when the above emotions will start to arise from the nus side, well at least for the year one engineers. Well well, which of those will I belong to?


cheahchuwen said...

its getting awfully tensed up. heh.

Anonymous said...

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