Friday, December 30, 2005

Need For Speed: Most wanted Part 2

Blacklist number 11: Lou Park (Big Lou)

Ride: Mitsubishi Eclipse

"This slab of Korean muscle considers himself a real ladies man. He's all show. Rumor has it; he panics around the cops and bails on races the first chance he gets. Along with that they say he has problems working the clutch so he's slow off the line. I wouldn't count on it if I was you."

Now the races here now gets tougher, especially tollbooth trials where there is no room for errors. Police pursuits are still manageable in my opinion, as the heat level is still around 1 or 2. Just drive through the pursuit breakers to shake the cops off. Well, so what are heat level and pursuit breakers? I will get to that shortly.

As for this guy, just dun underestimate him, he can be aggressive at times. 2 circuit races to clear him. Man, I hated circuits; going round the same route is so damn boring. But on a heartening note, you can get yourself familiarize with the route on your first lap and bust the asses of your rivals for the rest of the rounds. Beat this guy and get your Eclipse, but no thanks I prefer my RX-8.

Blacklist number 10: Karl Smit (Baron)

Ride: Porsche Cayman S

"This flake calls himself 'Baron'. He's a rich guy from the coast. He thinks garage custom is an excuse for being broke. As far as he's concerned, 'if it's not name brand, it's nothing.' Go show 'm what home grown rides can do."

When I beat Baron in the first race, a sprint race, I told myself that was just an appetizer, I was very sure that Porsche will not come so easily. I mean that was a sweet machine after all, he could do better than that. I was right. The traffic condition during the drag race is definitely not to my advantage. I just kept crashing and allow that Baron guy to win without any challenge. I got so annoyed at one point that I shouted out loud in my room: “God-damned Truck! Not again!” I just can’t help it, that dumb truck was always in my way. But when I got through the traffic obstacle and thought I was winning, that Porsche zoomed past me. Damn! That was one tough race, but it was worth it as I finally send him home and snatched his Porsche.

Oh yeah, turn auto save off and if you did not get the pink slip after beating him, do not hesitate to restart the rival challenge again, even if it means another hair pulling experience. You will regret if you do not get his fine little machine.

Blacklist number 9: Eugene James (Earl)

Ride: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

"This guy hails from the lower eastside of Rockport but now rides on the coast. He's a big fan of imports and goes out of his way to take on the big blocks."

Getting to him wasn’t very easy at all, especially the police pursuits where the heat level is now at least around 3. I am stuck at the road block milestone. But nonetheless, let me cover abit more on police pursuits.

Heal level refers to how hot your car is to the cops and the heat level gauge will continue to fill up while in a pursuit and when its full, the heat level increases.

For heat level one, the cops are dumb and slow. Getting rid of them is easy and pursuit should end pretty fast.

For heat level two, the cops are still dumb and slow. But the difference is that road blocks are being introduced. Yet, these are still not a threat to you. Read below on how to get pass a road block.

For heat level three, this is the time where the cops finally wake up and gets tougher and faster. More road blocks and the deadly Rhino SUVs are being introduced. These rhinos, usually come in pairs, always charge towards you heads on and left you crashing and going out of control if hit. So try to avoid them but very often they came so suddenly that you have no time to react.

After kena whack by one of the Rhino units:

Note that there are 5 levels of heat, but since i have not reach anywhere beyond 3, i shall only cover up to this stage.

At this stage, dun try to take out the cops yourself by crashing into them, most likely you will end up crashing yourself. Go for the pursuit breakers, these are indicated by red icons on the roads and red triangle on the map. Hit these and the police close behind you will be immobilized.

This is how a pursuit breaker looks like:

Hit the red icon and this will send the planks onto the police behind you and immobilizing them.

Now as for how to dodge a road block. The following is an example of a roadblock, a lousy one i must add.

Anyway, see that yellow bar at the bottom? Thats the speed breaker and upon activating it, the world will slow down for you so that you can dodge things easier andgive you time to plan your approach. Very useful in dodging heavy traffic, road blocks and Rhino SUVs.

Another example of a road block:

To get past a road block, you either find an opening and drive through it:

See that police car driving into their own block? Dumb.

Drive through it, avoiding the police totally:

Or you whack your way through:


But, whack only the tail and NOT the head or the door:

NOT like this or you will end up stopping cold after the crash and...

... have to reverse to get out of the block with the cops still giving chase.

Or worse get busted...

And ended up in this screen...

If not, you will be happily racing on the streets as the cops are still not as fast as your crazy little monster. At 160 mph, the whole world will start to become blur and its better to reply on that map. Shucks, i can't imagine how its like to ride on even faster monster like the Dodge Viper or the Lamborghini.

Oh yes, i am still at rival number 9, Earl.

To be continued...

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