Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Programming lab - Battle report

Finally, after a series of battles with lots of irritating syntax errors, I am done with the programming lab nonsense. It was an intense 6 hrs++ struggle with the bugs, first contacted upon its releases at 051005 0000hrs when the lethargic mind was unable to function properly after a tormenting route march to the objective. The firefight was strong initially but the sense of direction was lost by the second hr where the mind tried frantically to figure out the logic behind the direction adjustment of the cannon in question. Are we supposed to launch the “abs” bomb or the “fabs” one? The battle orders seemed to be confusing… Or is the mind shutting down due to fatigue? A retreat order was given by 0300 hrs as the mind was brutally weakened by the enemies and sleep was imposed…

Battle resumed at 1000 hrs and lasted an hr with a significant breakthrough. The directions are being adjusted and the target became reachable. However, the bugs persisted and kept reappearing once in a while reminding me its time to have my lunch and go to school… From 1500 to 1700, rigorous debugging was carried out by myself and the crazy Yi Cai. With these potent reinforcements infiltrating deep into the enemies’ territory, the irksome bugs were eliminated with little effort.

Following a bit of clearing up of the battle ground, the most anticipated transmission through that stupid signal set (Read: Heavy) was heard. “Mission Accomplished! Paradise now!”

Ok thats crap.. i must be bored...

Note: The programming lab was to write a program to predict the results of firing the cannon by slowly adjusting the launch speed to make it closer to the required margin. To close in to the target, everytime the direction changes, the adjustment will be halved and this goes on until the target lands in the required margin or when 10 launches are completed.

Below is the transmission of the battle orders:

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