Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Diablo 2

Was browsing through some of the old fav links when i stumbled upon planet diablo forum.. one of my frequently visited forums during my diablo2 days. I have stopped the game for more than 1 yr i think.. So I was very surprise and touch to see that i am still remembered as the crazy druid lover and people are still referring to my unfinished guide to play the game as a summoner druid. (and possibly my noobish fan-fict too?)

Yup thats right.. even me, the druid lover, gave up on the summoning druid build, dun think anyone else can do better right? Ohh anyway I reached Hell level mind you, act 2 if i remember correctly. The wolves or bear are just too weak compared to the necro's army of skeletons. And the vines and creepers are just useless. He is better off with his elemental skills; the windwalker is still the best.

Also, diablo 2 patch 1.11 is out. Hmm all this patch does was to add 10 new runewords and fix a few bugs plus introducing a few bugs for balancing purposes?? Nah, nothing tempting enough to summon CurrytanTheWindwalker back into the world of diablo 2.

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