Saturday, November 15, 2008

DotA skill that hurts the most in real life

I was surfing the DotA forum when i came across this interesting thread: "Which skill do you think hurts the most in REALITY?" So which skill in dota would you think is the worst if it hits you in real life?

Here are some of the most hurting ones of them all in my opinion:

Doom: It really hurts. What do you expect? You are roasted alive. And the worst part is? You cant even mutter a word, because you are silenced! Just imagine your mouth is being duct-taped while are being burned, yes the whole 16 agonizing seconds of the last of ur life.

Butcher's Combo: You are minding your own business and suddenly out of nowhere a hook comes, burrows into your flesh and pulls you toward a freaking nightmare monster...and that's not the end, the monster then releases rot and disease from his body and you see your body rotting alive and you cant do anything about it. Just when you thought its over, he starts to dismember you and eats you alive and U SEE UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE TILL UR BODY JOINS WITH THE FLESH HEAP INSIDE THE BUTCHER, where eaten alive seems less painful..

Nether Strike: You're just sitting around, minding your own business again, when suddenly a giant blue humanoid pig phases in next to you, paralyzes you, and smacks you in the face with a thurible. Over, and over, AND OVER again....

Omnislash: Minding your own business, farming rice again, all of a sudden, some chaos orc comes round and slashes you again and again and again and again until you are a pile of meat balls. And if that's not enough he puts up a dance of death and spin and spin and spin and spin towards whatever that's left of you and can't do anything about it and makes you feel like a retard for every single last second.

Meepo's Combo: Imagine 4 little cute meepos whacking you and dealing 99999 dmg per second and slowing you like there's no tomorrow. You tried to run, but they net you down while walking around you laughing at your pathetic cries for mercy. Then for a moment you thought they let you go, as they each disappeared, for a split of a second that is and you get poof-ed to death. Now, that's gotta hurt your ego..