Sunday, April 01, 2007

My strength is my weakness

I was showing a friend my EE2006 Digital Design lab report yesterday and his first reaction was like: “Woah writing thesis arh you?” Well, it wasn’t really surprising he said that, it does look as if I am submitting my FYP report or something. I did put in a lot of effort into preparing that report. And my friend sort of correctly pointed out the fact that I am too passionate in the things I like.

Indeed, I am too passionate in things I like and this is my strength as well as my weakness. I am sometimes just overly passionate and I soon realized it’s not at all a good thing at times because I tend to neglect other things, or other modules in the context of studies. Maybe that’s the reason why I am so depressed and stress this semester; EE2006 is the only module I like.

I was somewhat happier last semester, many would have noticed. That’s because I enjoyed reading the 2 electronics modules as well as the 2 stats modules. And that’s probably why I screwed up my EE2011 (Electromagnetic) cos I never liked that module and that’s the only module I din like and the module I spent the least time on. This time round it’s the opposite; I have only 1 module I enjoy. It is a chore, to go through the modules I so dislike.

However, I am glad. There shall be no more compulsory core modules pre-allocated to us from year 3 onwards. I have my freedom to pursue the modules of my interest. But some people say the specialization track that I have chosen can be quite tough, I agree. IC design, who the hell wana do that? Design modules always have their horror stories behind them. Maybe it’s not going to be scoreable, but I believe I am going to enjoy it. I enjoy designing circuits and see them materialize into a real product. This is why I should not be too concern with the grades and classifications, and just perform to the best of my ability. And this should be the way studying should be, enjoy the process and heck the grades. Of course I am not saying grades are not important...well, just dun go to the other extreme..everything is about balance. =)


Pandemonium said...

Bravo! I'm so glad for you that you've found your passion in what you're studying. Of course, there will always be people who wonder why you choose a path that is supposedly more difficult. Heh well, I've been through that!

In any case, I think it'll do you good not to be too focussed on your specialisation. I mean, do read some modules that you may like, that is outside your core. For example, I think taking PH1101E Reason and Persuasion is one of the best choices I've made, and it's one of my enjoyable modules this semester. Take some "outside" modules, like some business modules or whatever you may have interest in.

Also, within engineering (or electrical engineering), do not be too concentrated on your specialisation. Leave some room for manoeuvring... have some sort of backup, secondary field of knowledge, so that in the unfortunate event that your specialisation does not have too bright a future, you have somewhere else to go.

These are just a few points I've picked up for myself. I hope they'd be useful for you!

Beng Keong said...

It takes alot of courage to do what you enjoy and not be bothered about scoring well in singapore. Im glad you are able to take this step :D

tstar said...

it's really nice whenever i read of somebody who's passionate about what his/her is studying. =) Great for you!

Currytan said...

Woah! Thks for your advice, I will keep them in mind. =)

That's partly because of the CAP system that define the type of degree we get. Every module that we take affects the CAP. It is hard for one to pursue their interest and enjoy it without worrying about the CAP. Especially GEMs (General Education Modules), when modules like these are going to affect the CAP, what pursuing your interest, enjoyment and broadening your knowledge are there to speak of? It's just going to be another module you look for to score and not to learn.

Because of the CAP system, there is just too much emphasis on grades. There are people who mug and mug, just to answer questions in exams instead of truly appreciating what they learn and learning them. Is that the purpose of education?

There's no way I can change the system, so what I can do is to change my mentality. And hopefully, I can enjoy my learning here.


Anonymous said...

that's the engineering student role model!

and true, 2004, and 2005 are quite readable modules.

And I don't like 2007. I think its harder than C++ (by alot).

wuss says its incredibly easy.

eh. u wanna buy textbook from me?


Anonymous said...

anyway, I hear DSP is good for all electrical engineers to learn, because its very pervasive.

On the other hand, I don't hear that its easy.

And its nearing 4AM.

Holy crap.

Year 3 here we come!