Wednesday, April 11, 2007

JellyJumper Game

There are 50 levels. Use the arrow keys to jump from key to key. Land on all the green keys to unlock the next level.

Avoid the gaps and the red keys cos you die immediately!
Blue ones will fall off once you land on them.
Orange ones will make your jumps reverse to the arrow inputs. Omgosh hate this one.
Pink ones will teleport you to somewhere else on the keyboard.
Yellow ones will teleport you to another yellow key.
Purple ones will give you boost for your next jump.
Cyan ones will give you a protective layer which protects you from red keys once.

I am currently at level 26 with 42%..

Play jellyjumper!


fergus said...

Hey! Just got to your blog by random surfing :)

Cool game :) Managed to get to lvl 20 with 40% with repeat playing of the levels.

Think if you get a green circle, you would get 2% per level.

Currytan said...

Heya! Yea green will give 2% and orange gives 1% while red gives nothing. Wah that means you got perfect score for the 1st 20 levels, cool! =)