Sunday, April 15, 2007

Exams coming again!

24th Apr 9am: EE2010 System and controls

Concepts relatively simple, bell curve's going to be scary. *Shudder*

26th Apr 1pm: EE2009 Signals

Seemingly slack module with a
light-hearted lecturer. Alot of self-learning needs to be done wor..

30th Apr 5pm: EE2006 Digital Design

An interesting and enriching module which inspired me to take on more design modules.

2nd May 9am: EE2012 Analytical Methods in ECE

Very very maths intensive, most people dread this module.

4th May 2.30pm: GEK1527 Genes and society

Basically i feel that i am quite screwed for this. The lecturer and the contents are great, just that i am spending way too little time on this.

Ah well, good luck everyone for the exams!

3 more weeks to vacation! Weeee!


tstar said...

huh? what vacation? u mean vacation in the office?

gd luck for ur exams!

Anonymous said...

this may sound weird, but if u did past papers, u'd feel that ee2012 would be easiest.

cuz it has the least thinking involved.

Anonymous said...

Sianz... we shld start making plans after exams. Any suggestion people?
If wanna book chalet in sentosa better be quick man.

Currytan said...

Well at least got a break from studies mah.

Yea i do realize that, but the module still left a bad impression lar cos the lecturer quite frankly cmi..

I dun mind the chalet, see hows the responds lor. Others?

Beng Keong said...

play! play! play! :D

blueodyssey said...

hrmm i ending on the 2nd... tnt end on the 27! gosh... before my first paper ... i start to dream of the life after exams... zzzz

Anonymous said...

ya lecturer cmi, honestly. quite arrogant too if you try consulting him.

chalet must jio wuss hor. i think wuss misses mitchell. alot. everyday come to sch and sulk.

Anonymous said...

think mitch not coming back during winter break. i think.

Currytan said...

OH man, tnt end sooo early lar...

Ya, can tell.

And i dun think he will come lor, but i do agree that he misses Mitch alot lar. Haha!

Hmm, then zg is going to be really sad..but fear not, he will be going down there to look for him soon anyway. lol

So how arh? Chalet in sentosa?

NinjaLZG said...

this is gross. Curry, i think ur site gg to be given the R21 rating already given the type of comments coming in. Sheesh. GROSS...

And *ah hem* what u mean "zg really sad?!" what the...

Apparently deserves to be shot. What shot, I hear u ask...

Beng Keong said...

I wont mind chalet in sentosa :D if you guys are serious let me know early so i can check with my parents if they can get any discounted rates.

Anonymous said...

Im cool with anything.

btw CW in case u dunno this conversation transpired btw me and zg

zg:2004 is so hard la! harder than cs1102c....

(read getting raped over and over AND over again)

me:sure or not? as hard as ur dick?

zg smirking: no dick harder.

Anonymous ;)

dunwan anything bad to happen to me.

Anonymous said...

wah. getting notti ah ninja.

i got special sem for ee2001 then its back to keppel shipyard for rest of hols. so. i'll prob go at night for the food (assuming there's food) and of cuz for some nice drinks and some pole dancing at macdonald's again =D

and no lor, ee2007 lab more shiong than c++.
and which part of you goes hard? your abs?

argh so sian.

Currytan said...

ROFLMAO @ "zg smirking: no dick harder."

Wah lan zg, just what were you thinking? Btw, anonymous is a guy, getting a hard on while talking to him is so damn wrong lar. Oh wait. Guys do turn you on.

Actually we intend to make it on weekends cos there are people having internships as well so should be around fri night till sunday morning.

Yea, i think we better settle this before exams..

Anonymous said...

i will be booking siloso beach resort somewhere during mid june with my gf. Not getting coasta sand this time cos i can only stay for 1 night (only weekends free, booking coasta sand min 2 nights).

Anonymous said...

i think ninja might get jealous hearing that..

Anonymous said...

CW> hahaha. dude. he shldn't be la. even my gf nv prick me on my butt b4 loh. he still got something exclusive out of me. By force though. hahaha.

NinjaLZG said...

OH MAN!!! YEOW!!! Why are u saying such sordid stuff too?!


I think this site can be given the R21 rating already! *bleah*

And KS, u are another one who deserves to be shot lar. Once again, what shot I hear u ask?

Anonymous said...

If this site is R21 then ZG cannot see leh. tsk tsk tsk. Noti noti.

back to the topic. use this as forum. I propose mid june weekends sentosa chalet. any other suggestions? Be quick man b4 all chalets are taken.

Beng Keong said...

go for it!

Currytan said...

Yea, i am in for sentosa too.

Btw, who else do you guys intend to ask?

NinjaLZG said...

i think u all forgot abt chris again...

Anonymous said...

such preferential treatment i see.

Beng Keong said...

want to ask dawei and kokliang?

Currytan said...

Yea, ask chris, ask dawei and kokliang and wei hao. We also asked Jian Cheng and Alvin liao.

Ohh anyway check your mail, yeow just emailed us regarding this.

NinjaLZG said...

Not preferential treatment. It's just that I think we should keep him in the loop for it. If it's before mid June, he might be able to make it else, he wld be back in Mauritius.


Cost of chalet: $100
Cost of Food: $20
Cost of Alcohol: $50

Cost of fun: priceless

There are some things money can't buy.

For everything else, there's MASTERCARD.

heh. just felt like adding that. And it shall stop at that. NO ONE SHALL ADD ANYTHING MORE. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

No one say don't jio chris leh. We are hoping that you are able to generate feedback and automatically help spread the words/love.

You exams for special sem ends b4 mid june right? why not going?
So much for cost of fun being priceless when you give excuses for not going. No respect.

Anonymous said...

i think ninja wont be going...somehow.

i just have that feeling.

must be the memories. it wont be the same for him w/o mitchell. =D

NinjaLZG said...

feedback? Oh... u want open loop feedback or closed loop? if close loop u want negative feedback (recommended) or positive feedback (read: microphone which amplifies signals via the multistage amplifier, consisting of the BJT, MOSFET transistors, with Rin, Rout and Gm)? I suppose u want stable systems, so i will try to make the pole on the LH plane using a PID controller.