Saturday, March 31, 2007

Game: 5 mins to kill yourself

(Via DK)

You are totally sick of your life in the office and decided to kill yourself. However, you got only 5 mins to do so, else you need to drag yourself to yet another meeting.

I did it in 1 mins 39 sec, how about you?

Kill yourself here.


monte said...

hey man u all right? been following your past entries... sound depressing... somemore this latest one wat about death one... aint healthy to play this kind of game u know

Currytan said...

Haha I am alright lar, its just a game to destress mah. Thks for your concern. =)

DK said...

I think those who wanted to die will reconsider after playing this game.

Damn... its so hard to kill yourself. hahaha.... but quite fun :D

Currytan said...

Ya lor, even wana die is also such a chore. Hahaha. Hard life indeed lar, even when it comes to killing oneself. (zg will probably agree to this) =)

NinjaLZG said...

OH MAN!!! U r so right when it comes to this! See? Even dying isn't so easy! btw, this is kinda morbid game... Next time i send u a customised letter typing game, safer and it's PG (cos' I created it, naturally it's PG). =) *grinz*