Friday, December 22, 2006

Tower Defence

This tower defence game is based on the "tower defence" of warcraft3 and the "turret defence" of starcraft. The idea is basically to defend your castle from monsters (denoted by black dots and spawn every 20secs) by building element towers around the map.

Element towers (except storm, not sure about the flower one though cos never had a chance to buy it..) can be upgraded which then deal more damage and over a longer range. Each element is unique and have different upgrade bonus and cost.

When a monster gets into the castle, 1 citizen will die. You lose the game when all 10 citizens are killed.

My best score is 72... try beating that!

Play Tower Defence!


lancerlord said...

I sucked in this. Must pratise some more. :)

Merry X'mas to u.

cheahchuwen said...

I beat you I beat you! =p

Currytan said...

Heh, play this only if have lots of time cos this is damn time consuming sia.

Chu Wen:
Gosh u freak!

Anonymous said...

Damn fun haha!

Anonymous said...

My best score is 77. I need to try harder. The game totally ROCKS , though! :)-_-

Anonymous said...

level 73 heheheh!!

Anonymous said...

my score is 82, use only green ones, place them 4 in a row, one in lower corner,towards castle, second row of 4 in middle and last 4 on other side of road, in same hight as the road, so you will have 8 green ones in a row, and 4 at bottom