Friday, December 29, 2006

Of mission results

Mission Results for Operation final exam is out:

EE2004 - Electronic devices

One of my more confident modules, efforts paid off. Best grade that I ever got in NUS.

EE2005 - Electronics
Very surprising considering that I left quite abit of blanks for the final exams. This is in fact my most confident module for the semester which turned out rather disappointing during the exam, and yet now a sigh of relief.

SSA2204 - Nation Building in Singapore
Escaped successfully!

EE2011 - Engineering Electromagnetics
Bloody hell. Agent Smith slowed me down in my pursuit. Rumor has it that we are going to deal with him again in the coming semester in mission EE2012: Analytical methods in ECE. Watch out Smith.

ST2334 - Probability and Statistics
Indeed underestimated the enemies, but still glad with the result.

GEM2900 - Understanding uncertainty and statistical thinking
Well, slightly lower than what I have expected, but still an okay grade nonetheless.

All in all, it was a good semester for me, not only with the results but I sort of found my field of interest and more or less confirm what I will be specializing in for my upper years. Cheers to that.


Anonymous said...

A A A- A- A- S huh?

nakazawa said...

Somehow I think Mr Anonymous is wrong.

Currytan said...

Yea, anonymous thinks too highly of me le..