Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Of mission debrief

One-liner debrief for operation final exam 2006 with reference to the mission briefing for operation final exam 2006:

Operation EE2004
The real battle was indeed much worse than the simulations.

Operation EE2005
Although Miller did not set up any ambush, a certain level shifter monster almost knocked me unconscious around 1 hr into the mission

Operation SSA2204
Smoke grenade and flash bangs was indeed of great help, but I too siao on, even threw in a few fragmentation grenade as well.

Operation EE2011
Agent Smith not only tried to confuse me, he actually shot me right in the face.

Operation ST2334
We shouldn’t have underestimated the enemies.

Operation GEM2900
Uncertainty of understanding uncertainty continues to prevail.


chillycraps said...

wah u so fast debrief liao ar?

I still want to slack a few days before AAR.

Naka said...

New Design? Since?

Currytan said...

Aiyo, faster debrief then faster end exercise mah..

New design since the date of this entry.