Friday, September 22, 2006

Of playing tennis

Now that I have mastered playing the top spin on Jared's Xbox during the holidays in the many gatherings at his house, its time to put those skills into the real game. Had a game of tennis with yeow, jere, jhalley and Jeremey Chong in nus after the engine day thingy just now. The session was full of laughter and fun, and it was a real good workout after all those mugging session and late nights for the mid-term tests and stuff. Jhalley was good & yeow picked it up really fast, while me and jere still learning how to serve properly. And Jeremy Chong is such a bully. Heh. We shall make this a weekly session & play tennis every friday afternoon, if theres no lab. Weee!


mw said...

WAH LAU....can't believe i'm being left out of this. when i'm around you all dun want to play...basket. Nvm guys, hang in there, i'll take revenge on chong when i return....muahaha.

Currytan said...

You come back then we play lar. Heh, no lar J.Chong din really bully us lar, we just cant catch his shots, thats all.