Friday, September 22, 2006

Of Mid semester

Finally the mid sem break is here! But it also means that the exams is not far away and yet another semester is ending soon. I kinda like this semester than the previous 2. For one, I am in science and arts most of the time. Heh. Also, I have 2 great friends, Jere and Yeow, to study together, although sometimes we will go abit haywired due to the infamous "yeow" syndrome. And I dun drink coffee, which is the antibiotics for this particular illness, so i resort to sighing to release the germs which brought about much disapproval from the two... Furthermore, modules are quite interesting especially electronics (EE2005) and electronic devices (EE2004), as the semiconductor and electronics industries are of interest to me. Easy modules include stats & prob (ST2334) and understanding uncertainty (GEM2900). And electronomagnetic (EE2011) is just one boring shit. Lastly, nation building (SSA2204) which i am going to s/u is just for fun and to fulfill the SS (Singapore studies) as well as to know more girls, i mean the singapore history.

Had 2 mid term test so far. Nation building's i almost screwed it up by forgetting what happened in 1948; it was the MCP's (Malayan communist party) arms struggle and the emergency. EE2004's was quite alright i guess, hopefully can score well. 3 more after the break. Thats it for now. Out.

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