Sunday, September 10, 2006

Of dead or alive?

I din realise i have been studying too much, not going on msn anymore, rejecting lunch dates and some gatherings till someone sms me on friday morning saying that it has been a long time since she last heard from me and wondered if I am still alive..

Heh, still surviving lar. Just that sometimes will go abit haywire and start bringing electronics and semiconductors theories into daily conversation with 2 equally insane hardworking friends. What to do? Tests are coming and its a great way to understand the concepts (no?). Oh btw, I dun have internet access for the whole day cos my brother and I share a single port modem; it will stay that way till we get a switch or a router.

Also, Dead or Alive 3 on Xbox is a great game and my favourite characters are Jann Lee (chinese martial artist aka Bruce Lee clone) and Zack (Thai style boxer). Thks to Jared for sharing the game which many of the signallers enjoyed playing on the many gatherings in his house. Oh anyway, Jared, who is now in Maine, USA, is apparently studying too much as well. (Read his recent email, heh)

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