Sunday, August 13, 2006

Of chicken and its legs

Was giving my student some math problem to do. The typical primary school kind which ask how many chickens and cows are there when given the total number of animals and legs. He got it wrong and I realised he simply divided the total number of legs by 4 and declared that as the answers for both chicken and cows! I thought he was just trying to take an easy way out or something, but this is what he replied, quite seriously actually:

"Chicken not 4 legs meh?"

I hope he was just kidding..


tstar said...

He might not be kidding. I think a lot of kids nowadays never see real life chickens before. Ask him to go science centre... And to bring a face mask as well.

Currytan said...

Which is the reason why i was quite worried for him, cos he din seem like he was kidding. Scary..