Friday, August 11, 2006


Round 2A was over yesterday and by now most people would have gotta all their modules. Well, i did, with ST2334 costing 1 point and GEM2900 costing a whopping 301 points. Sheesh it was a 100 points increase from the end of opening bidding. As a result and unfortunately, yeow and yicai did not manage to get the module. On the other hand, Jere and BK manage to secure it. Haiz, I have hardly any general points left now.. I am sure next sem i am so going to lament about the idiot who planned the 250/750 point split again..

However, on a more cheerful note, I got all the modules I intend to take up this sem and this is how I want my timetable to turn out after the tutorial and lab bidding next 2 weeks:

(Click to enlarge!)

Mondays and fridays are going to be very hectic, while alternate tuesdays are quite relaxed and wednesday will be alright during no-labs days and thursday will prolly be for swimming/running/slacking around for that 3 hours gap.

Oh by the way, Jere and Yeow, my lab plannings with you guys earlier on wasnt correct. For week 8 and 9, I realised there is no 2-5pm slot for EE2011's EM1 and EM2. So i decided to switch the lab slot for EE2011 to Friday 2-5pm instead since we have no 9-12 slot available..

So for the labs it's going to be something like this:

I am so so going to die for 2 fridays.. continuous 8 hrs..shucks..

On another comforting note, my exam timetable for this semester is quite friendly. Quite evenly spread out, unlike last sem where we struggled with 2 papers in a day and another right in the following day. And furthermore, I might be s/uing 2 modules (the gem and the ss) depending on the modules also but will s/u at least one of them, so i guess it should be quite alright.

Oh yea, and good luck for all those who have yet to get all your modules; round 2B ends today at 1700. I know Yi Cai is still looking for his 5th module, well, if worse come to worse, come take ST2334 lar, 1 point only nia.


blueodyssey said...

Your timetable looks horrible. Esp fri... how can u go without lunch break?

chillycraps said...

my thursday also no lunch break. Looks like have to grab bites from Dilys Creation....

oh congrats to those whose module bidding is over!

Currytan said...

Taking 6 modules in ntu is very different from taking 6 in nus. This is about what you get for taking 6 mods here. It's quite normal.. But then, this is prolly going to be the last sem i am going to take 6.

Siu Hang:
Ya lor, have to grab sandwiches or something liaoz, heh esp on those 2 fridays with labs.. sheesh.

blueodyssey said...

very stress loh... no life sia... heng i never go nus