Sunday, July 16, 2006

Of school matters

If you all (refering to nus people) still dunno, the timetable for academic year 0607 is already out. And for Engineering friends, you would probably have recieved an email informing the modules that have been pre-allocated to you. As for fellow Electrical and computer engineers, the allocation shall be as follows:

The highlighted being my allocated modules. It seems that the majority of the EE people are in group A, taking the modules I would prefer to take if given a choice. Reason being that EE2006 is a pre-requisite for another core module, EE2007. And if I were to be allocated in a group without EE2006 in this sem, EE2007 would be drag until yr3. Argh, watever. Now that I only have 3 cores, 2 or 3 more modules need to be selected. One of which shall be a math module, another gem B and probably one more something else.

Also only the lectures will be pre-allocated, we will need to register for our tutorials and labs:

(i) tutorial sessions via CORS website at from 14 Aug to 16 Aug 2006, same period as the CELC Tutorial registration

(ii) laboratory sessions via ECE website at from 21 Aug to 23 Aug 2006.

Also, seems like Ninjalzg and Chuwen not in the same group as me, while Jere and BK is with me. C03 is going to split up liaoz. =(

Cors bidding Round 0 will kick off on 26th july(wed) 0900.


Beng Keong said...

Hey jh, Im pretty upset about it too. But i guess we can always meet up with them sometimes ya?

Currytan said...

Yea, perhaps we can meet up with them for lunch or something. Heh. All the best for the coming sem!