Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Laptop reformatted!

After days of fighting with the damn spyware which found its way into my laptop a few days back through the disguise of a game (not porn hor!) which I downloaded, I finally decided I had enough of the shit. Basically what this spyware does was to introduce adware, popups and even browser hijack! I tried all sort of things, including downloading all sorts of free spyware scanner plus remover programs i can find out there and scanning, running and deleting the detected ones. But the problem still persisted. For the record, i had spybot search & destroy, ad-aware, spyware doctor, norton anti-virus, etc.. (Not that these softwares are not good, its just that they only removed 70-80% of the problems but not all of it) So, I lan lan suck thumb, go backup all my documents, music, videos & important stuffs, and proceed with the reformatting. Good thing i have an external hard disk drive, if not it would be a darn hassle.

Now that the lappy is re-formatted, its now running much faster and of course all the spyware removed. And guess what? The first thing I die die wana install before anything else was firefox. Sorry to all IE users out there, but I just cant fathom how you ppl survived without tab-browsing. I was clicking relentlessly on the middle mouse button just now, expecting a new tab to shoot up, it was then i realised it was IE. Sheesh.


Nakazawa said...

You need to get used to IE, since NUS supports microsoft.

Pandemonium said...

In actual fact, formatting the hard disk works, but is not necessary. You need something that can blast spyware deep in. You need the right programmes. You need HijackThis. It should save you much more time than reformatting.

Anyway, IE7 (still in beta) currently (naturally) supports tab browsing. But Firefox is more than tab browsing, and it takes a lot more than that to win me back. Plus, being the most commonly used browser, it will always be the first in mind for virus/spywares/hacks.

Currytan said...

Thanks Pandy, will check out that software. =)

Well actually formatting the hard disk was much more efficient for me than having to hunt around, download the software then scanning, re-scanning and re-scanning again but the problem still persisted. That is if you do not have the right software lar.

Yea, i do know that firefox is much more than just tab-browsing. Its about the personalisation and security as well. Just look at the amount of extenstions out there to customise and protect firefox. And most importantly, its not by microsoft lor. =)