Friday, June 16, 2006

Of watching world cup

World cup 2006 is now here and everyone else is catching every single match since Germany thrashed Coasta Rica in the opening match, while you missed out all the actions since then. What a darn pity that you do not subscribe to cable TV and channel 5 dun do any telecast till semifinals (wtf?!). And going out or bunking in someone else’s house for every single match is just not very feasible. Now now, sure there are other options available to watch them all.

Firdooze and Siu Hang have their way of tuning in by means of an antenna to tap into our neighboring country’s.

“Just get an unused antena and plug it into the tv to get wireless radio connection. Switch the channels to RTM 1 and RTM2 (Malaysian channels) and wala'!”
- Firdooze

I don't have Cable and if you are wondering how I watch World Cup, there is something known as the antenna. Please, I'm from engin fac.”
- Sui Hang

But then what if (I hear you ask..) you are not an engineer just not that savvy in such technical stuff. So how?

I have other alternatives.


Download the software, install and run it, click on ESPN or ESPN2 and Woahoo you can now watch it all live on the internet!

The streams work pretty well with my 512kbps ADSL broadband connection. Quality varies from channel to channel, but ESPN2 runs very smoothly on my machine and that’s all I need!

Yes some channels can be jumpy at times, re-buffering once in a while. But hey, it’s free. So don’t complain. Heh.

Download it here!

Multi-tasking at its best!

Another: TVAnts

A similar software off a chinese site, search for CCTV5.

Check out this site for a guide to set up the software.

This one takes a while for the initial loading, but after that its quite smooth streaming.
Pretty good quality as well.

Even now as this entry is being created, the above match is playing on my player and Argentina just scored against Serbia & Montenegro at the 6th minute! Cool stuff.

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Nakazawa said...

To add to Firdooze and Siuhang's quotes:

Curry, you are not only an enginneer, you are from electrical engineering. Not only that, you learn about signals in your past 3 years. Your antenna skills should be much much better!

Don said...

Good post...quite cool quality too...=)

Currytan said...

Naka, i didnt say i dunno how to do it. I am just presenting an alternate option to catch the matches, right in front of your comp.

Don, yea cool stuff. Cheers!

Currytan said...

Oh yeah btw, Naka, I MIGHT be doing more Signals for the NEXT 3 years as well. Heh.

chillycraps said...

did I see a dipole hanging on the tree? (with wire leading into someone's tv set...)

hey yard!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read » »