Friday, May 26, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

The novel by Dan Brown, complete with breathtaking escapes, dramatic surprises, brain-cracking puzzles and an intricate mystery, was a great riveting read which kept me occupied for hours and hours of excitement. However, when the movie came out, I knew I shouldn't expect too much.

Before watching the movie, I was thrown with tons of negative opinions and criticisms about the movie, from reviews (See review by rotten tomatos here), blogs and friends. At the end of it, I was of the opinion that either people were expecting too much or they were taking the controversial issues too seriously.

Yes, there are a few notable changes to the book, like Silas shouldn't be dead, some puzzles were removed, Robert Langdon should be searching for the clues in the library and not using the Sony erricson handphone (K750), and the entire Priority of Sion shouldn't be present at the church of Roslyn, etc. Yet, most of these changes did not affect the storyline nor undermined its excitement too much. Surely, such changes will not degrade the engrossing plot into what some described as a insipid and crappy one right? And just why do some insisted that the movie should stick so stubbornly close to the book?

In all, I would say that it was a good movie, not superbly great but good nonetheless, which certainly justify that ticket price.

Anyway, I also recommend Dan Brown's other book, Angels & Demons.


Also, I too cannot fathom why religious extremists want to put a ban to the movie and cause such a big hoo haa about the book, seeing it as such a huge threat. It was clearly stated that the book is fiction. By making such an effort, they are actually urging more to find out what the book/movie and this whole fuss is all about, thus backfiring their efforts.

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rationalneurotic said...

because he said in the beginning, "...blah blah blah accurate." (Don't remember the words)

and many who read don't take it as fiction... although it's as "real" as Memoirs of a Geisha. =))

still think it's a good thriller though, but don't care much for the "spiritual" (or not) inclinations. ;p

Anonymous said...

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