Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And so it's over

Yes I know exams are over and i should be updating. Yet, I did not get much surfing time lately due to gatherings, meeting up with friends, job hunting/interviews and giving tuition. Ah yes, tuition kids having exams soon and all the parents are getting panicky. Especially the pri 4 kid's who whined about how the child has been failing all his tests during my 1 month absence and that she was totally lost in her failed attempt to teach the kid decimal.. In fact, she almost demanded me to go down straight after my last paper which, fortunately, I pushed it till the weekends instead. I am glad I did becos I was damn shag after my math paper.

Speaking of which, the math paper wasnt really that tough in my opinion. Its just that there isnt enough time for us to play around with. 14 questions in 2 hrs. And our seniors last year actually had 2.5 hrs for 10 questions. Some were rather tricky and some tested our concepts instead of just merely whacking formulas from the helpsheet. Then, there is this question which i will remember forever man. The question require us to use strokes' theorem to find the line integral. And when I calculated, the curl turned out to be zero! I thought it was a mistake and I went back to check my workings, spending almost 20 mins on this and giving it up at the end. Turns out that i was actually right, as zero curl means that its a conservative force, hence the line integral is zero. Dang.

The rest of the papers were pretty alright, cs1102c turned out to be surprisingly easy and critical thinking & writing turned out rather shocking. Physics was average and econs was not so good..in fact, disastrous.

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