Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy happy


My gem's (GEK1524 living with fluids) lecturer emailed us our test grade for our 4th and final quiz for the module this afternoon.

This is a non-examinable module consisting of 4 section, each having a quiz at the end, of which 3 of the lecturers have released the results. And all my results so far has been good, especially the one released today. Chuwen and I are expecting a decent grade from this module, possibly an A. =)

Yep, 1 module down, 5 more to go. Good luck to all for the coming exams. Ganbatte!


Check these out:

Welcome to the universal studio free photo booth!
See how far ppl will go to get a free photo..

This one is really hilarious, conversation with korean lady who cant pronounce the word 'clock':

Muahhaha i cant take it anymore. Lmao! Enjoy!

Lastly, some funny soccer bloopers:

Well, always look on the bright side of life. At least it's not a goal on your side, Try harder next time! Muahaha.


tstar said...

Did you know that the song bright side of life, whatever is the title, comes from this really sadistic show that has many many people nailed to crosses, like jesus?

cheahchuwen said...

yeah i do hope we get the A's. Which leads me to wonder what's the average grade like because prior to the last test had me seated in front of these 2 other female students, who spoke as if they've never been getting a good grade for this module. I hope its what I think it is. 290 points better do some justice.

oei, why u never comment on mine except for the ahboy part. *pouts*

Currytan said...

Tstar: you refering to Monty python's life of brian?

Chuwen: yea and hope cheng guan did well too! Cheers.

tstar said...

i don't know the title... one of my fren showed it to me once and it just kind of.. well, stuck in my mind coz it was just so ironic.

Joanna said...

Cousin(Currytan)yr brother hor got go to the chalet my family book?anyway why u cant come

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!

Anonymous said...

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