Saturday, March 25, 2006


I was aimlessly surfing around while talking a break from studies when i chanced upon this very cool site, Optical Illusion. As the name suggests, this site contains lots of cool illusions where we dun always see what we think we see..

How this photo can be possible will be rather obvious when you stare and think about it for a while.

Is this painting possible?

What is the trick behind this puzzle?

"Increase Distance from Chart untill you find it readable ... and better do something about it!"

Lastly check out this video for the amazing paper dragon illusion:

You can even make your own dragon and try it out!
More info here


Check these out:

Hokkien Speeding Song, cool shit from LancerLord.

FireFox: Cute animal , Great browser. Enuff said. =)


Our 1st ICT training program is out!

050606(Mon) : CO's parade/Weapon handling/Orientation drive
060606(Tue) : IPPT/Basic combat skills
070606(Wed) : Company Mission Exercise (Conventional Ops)
080606(Thur) : Company Mission Exercise (Conventional Ops)/ Bn Conhesion(Night)
090606(Fri) : IPPT retest/ ICT debrief

Anyway heard that 3SIR now converted into 1st guards, which means bedok camp is a freaking pure Guards camp now. Woahoo..

IPPT in bedok camp turns fully electronic: bad news for pull ups, sit ups; good news for shuttle runs (no slow human reaction errors).


cheahchuwen said...

erm the electronic system is not that good, it took a coy 4 hrs to do ippt as compared to 2hrs for the manual way. chin ups are harder also becaues the poles are really really high up.

half-asleep said...

btw, in case ppl dun already know, that pic is just a spray-painted dog, you can google for the real firefox(also called a red panda).

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