Thursday, October 06, 2005

More jokes..

This one is quite similar to be previous one:

A mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer and a software engineer are travelling in an old Fiat 500 (Bambino) when all of the sudden the car backfires and comes to a halt.

The mechanical engineer says "Ah! It's probably a problem with the valves, or the piston!".

The electrical engineer says "Nonsense! It's most probably a problem with the spark plugs or the battery!".

The software engineer says "How about we all get out of the car, and get back in again".

Ahh check this one out:

Engineers normally go to heaven, since they help mankind with their ingenious work. So, one day, this engineer died. However, because the angels made a mistake, he was sent to hell. Now, when the engineer arrived in hell, he decided to make good use of time and started building all kinds of machines for hell. Everyone, especially Satan, became quite fond of this engineer.

Soon, God found out of the mistake and went down to hell to approach Satan. He wants Satan to release the engineer. However, Satan says, "No! This guy is useful. He made aircons to make hell cooler, constructed toilets for our relief, and even networked the whole place with good transport lines and set up information lines so that we have an easier life! He is too precious to be released."

Then, God was frantic. He quickly threatened, "If you don't release him, I'll sue you."
Satan glances at him, then replied, "Ohh really? And where are you going to find a lawyer?"

Err.. oops.


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