Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paradise Dynasty @ ION Orchard


Paradise Dynasty's specialty is in the xiao long bao and the la mein with their signature pork bone soup. I was attracted by their 8-flavors xiao long bao sampler to try them out with my gal. The 8 different flavors can be seen from the photos above.

Clockwise from Black Truffle: The black truffle's taste was weird, bad combination i supposed.

Foei Gras: Actually we didn't really wana get the foei gras, but the waitress decline our request for a replace. But in any case, I failed to appreciate this delicacy; not really my kind of thing.

Ginseng: There is a bit of the ginseng taste but the pork taste was too strong and it covers the ginseng flavors. Other than that it's really not that special.

Garlic: The garlic augmented the original taste pretty well and I thought it was next best to the original. But of course if you are the kind who can't stand garlic taste, that's a different story.

Szechuan: Szechuan was a bit too spicy to my liking. It's the kind of numbing ma la szechuan kinda spicy, I only had a bit of it and I already felt the numbness. Hahaa..

Cheese: It wasn't significant, just some cheesy taste to the pork.

Crab roe: Taste was too fishy. Sorry to say this but we prefer the one from ding tai fung...

White in the middle is the original: We are of the opinion that the original one still works the best for us, although it was slightly too sweet to our liking. The skin is thinner than that of their competitors and that we appreciate.

Other than the sampler, we had 6 more original xiao long bao to satisfy my cravings. We also got the la mien and it was pretty tasty. I had it with the vegetable pork dumplings and she had it with pan-fried chicken.

The price is also reasonable. Sampler costs $13.80 and the la mien is typically around 10 bucks. Total damage was around $25 per person.

Paradise Dynasty
Address: 2 Orchard Turn #04-12A ION Orchard Singapore
Tel: +65 6509 9118

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