Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The final leg

13/04: FYP CA3
17/04: FYP CA4
20/04: EE4415 Report deadline
27/04: EE4410 Report deadline
30/04: Last final exam paper in Nus, EE4415

Dying moments of my undergrad life. I think i am starting to miss my schooling days. No, not the exams or quizzes of course, everything else i guess. That also includes the things i did not do, having more fun and enjoying life while I can being one of them.


Anonymous said...

last burst of fire, currytan

tstar said...

yar, i'm starting to miss school too! In fact, I missed school on the first day of my honours year -_-'''

anyway, I still have 5 full exams to go through. 8th May!

Currytan said...

Omg 5 exams, me got only 1 nia heh!! Haha jia you man u both. =)