Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tian Tian Steamboat

I think it was last week. Ya last week after comex, a group of us went over to bugis and tried out the tian tian steamboat. And to our utter disappointment, we wished we had waited at the earlier stall where it was packed to the brim and had to wait.

Let's start with the service. The guy practically throws us at one corner, gets the money and left us waiting for our soup which took like more than 20mins to come. And despite BK waving at him in desperation after seeing the group who came after us getting the soup before we did, the guy seem to have sense our anger and steer well clear away from us, which was quite an easy task since we were in one corner remember? Then he went on to serve the queuing crowd at the entrance, totally ignoring our presence.

The soup finally came, when one of his colleagues finally spotted us who seemed to be genuinely surprise of our predicament and offered our soup not soon after. So came the soup and then at last its time to grab the food.

The food, well, it was horrible. The selection was laughable and the refill rate was ridiculously slow. Granted, the soup was not too bad. But that’s the only thing I can say I enjoyed, together with the noodles. The rest of the stuff I just gobbled down to satisfy my hunger needs, cos I didn’t eat anything for the whole day that day… Oh by the way, the refill rate of the soup was also absurd, our pot almost went dry and could be used for bbq liao.

For about 18 bucks per person, I would say it’s not quite worth it. But maybe our poor experience in tian tian was due to our high expectations of it; after all it had so much advertisement on tv and was supposed to have won some awards of sorts.

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blueodyssey said...

Well with this type of service, you can simply refuse to pay the 10% surcharge if there's one.

You can also refill the stuff urself. Haha .. just head into the kitchen if necessary and if anyone ask you... just fark them off cos they take so long to refill and its better for you to do it urself.