Monday, August 04, 2008

Of year 4 sem 1

Just received the email that I've successfully got my last module, EE4410 (Integrated circuits and system design)! The 8mc 2 semester-long project module....sheesh.. what have i got myself into?! Looks like need to reopen the NGDC for new applicants to support my grave digging activities.

EE4412 is rumored to be really really quite hard much so that bk dun dare to take Eh then why i still take

HR2002, bo bian have to take one, i wana graduate mah.

My FYP is going to be on IC design, topic is "Design of high resolution sigma-delta modulators" and my supervisor is the lecturer of EE4410, how convenient! Oh ya, ECE folks can check out your fyp allocation here.

So here goes, my timetable for the sem:

Sheesh..this must be the most disgusting timetable i've ever had.....(oops =p)

And ya, only 2 exams for this semester! (Both morning paper.. wtf)


Anonymous said...

haha finally you are back!!!!

BK said...

i have lessons from monday to friday fark

Currytan said...

@KR: Heh.. =)

@BK: haha too bad.. ask u take 4412 with me dun wan.