Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Battle for Wesnoth

(Via Pandy's)

Other than playing Hero Online (current level: 43... heh), I am also playing this game called: The Battle for Wesnoth recently. This is a turn-based strategy game, like Heroes of Might and Magic, which is free to download and play. It is fantasy based and have 6 different races: humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, undeads and the drakes.

"Wesnoth has many different sagas waiting to be played out. Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir... step into the boots of a young officer sent to guard a not-so-sleepy frontier outpost... vanquish a horde of undead warriors unleashed by a foul necromancer, who also happens to have taken your brother hostage... guide a band of elvish survivors in an epic quest to find a new home."

The campaigns sounds interesting too, but i have yet to finish it, will get to it when i have more time at hand.

Download Battle for Wesnoth here!!

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