Sunday, March 04, 2007

Of mid term test

Currytan just returned from a 3 days mission: Operation fast and furious, which consists of 1 dawn and 3 evening attacks.

Heavy casualty was initially expected for the first insertion, EE2012, but somehow the enemy was not as strong as predicted. Casualty rate for the first mission was thus kept to a minimum as a result.

The second attack, EE2006, was an easier mission, although there was some ambiguity over whether zero is divisible by 4. But if zero were to be divisible by 4, then the design will be too easy. So I decided to, taking the viewpoint of the lecturer, make my life difficult by defining zero to be not divisible by 4 and designed a more complex circuit.

I was somewhat disappointed with my performance of the next mission, EE2010. Terror overwhelmed me as I read the first 2 questions, but it turns out that those were not as hard as it seems. I panicked for the first due to the 2 sources in the RLC circuit. But I realized the transfer function could still be derived by considering KVL and KCL and assuming initial parameters carefully. Or just use superposition lar (why din I think of that? Sheesh...). As for the second question, the word convolution shocked me. Serious, my jaws literally dropped when I saw that. I know what convolution is and how to do convolution, but hell, how to relate that with transfer function was a mystery. Yet, I realized the question only required us to replace the convolution expression with the transfer function, very much like substitution of constants into an equation and find the result. I managed to realize the above 2 mistake only at the last 10 mins. So to say the least, I rushed and panicked (again) and probably made some careless mistakes.

The last one, GEK1527, was quite alright, although a few guesses was made along the way.

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