Sunday, March 04, 2007

Of digital design, the breadboard and the itchy fingers

I am supposed to design a tsunami alert system for my D1 project for EE2006. Basically, if the seismic activity (S_amp: on a scale of 0 to 5, where 5 is the highest activity) is greater than 3, raise the alarm by flashing a red light for S_amp*3 time unit and follow by (16 - S_amp*3) time unit of green light. If S_amp is 3 or less, leave the system at 16 time units of green light.

Design of the circuit is due next Wednesday, but I have yet to come up with anything due to the mid term tests. I am so screwed. =(

Was playing with the breadboard and then I itchy finger go and cut the legs of the 10 nano capacitor so as to fulfill the requirement set out for us: "
5) The legs of the resistors, capacitors and LEDs should be only long enough to connect any two points on the breadboard." Cut cut nevermind, but I cut too SHORT.... Then i go bend the legs in hope that it still can fit into the 2 connecting points of the breadboard. Bend bend bend, then it BROKE. Holy shit, I am so screwed. So sian lar, cannot play with the breadboard liao. =(


NTT said...

Tsunami Alert System! Wow. The EE2006 profs are really getting 'creative' arn't they?

Chu Wen said...

anyday just go roam the 06 lab, sure can find LEDs one

monte said...

no need to roam lah.. just go to the counter n asked for the LEDs... maybe u may want to prepare some reasons in the event they get inquisitive n ask u y... of coz dont go too often lah.. do suggest u get a few at one go but dont ask too much lah haha

Currytan said...

Haha, ya lor.

@chuwen & monte:
Reason is i broke the legs lor, they will replace one for me one right?

But then arh, i realised i might have destroyed my D flip flop as well cos i passed a 9v into the chip when the voltage regulator's capacitor is no longer there..

monte said...

can one lah... at most just say u blew your LEDs lah... if they ask u to show them u just say u threw them away liao loh... if the D flip flops r really spoilt just get new ones from them lah... say u blew them or their legs broke... dont worry i experienced these tt's y suggesting to u these ways ;)

these chips n LEDs r cheap as compared to how much we r paying for our lab sessions heh!

Currytan said...

Heh, got the replacements liaoz. Luckily my 7474 not spolit. =)

monte said...

wah frend... either u r very free or very bo liao... impressed tt u put in so much effort just to plan the breadboard... not bad not bad ;)