Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life to Death

(Via Jere's)

From life to death there are five stages


Its not that death is hard, its the transition we fear.
Its the same for everything that goes wrong.

There's a time for everything. Maybe its time for acceptance.

Guess life is not a smooth road and failures inevitably will come our way sometimes. Learning from it and pulling yourself out of depression and thereby accepting it, will then help you overcome it.

Maybe its time for acceptance.


Pandemonium said...

From life to death there are five stages. So you'll die after acceptance?

Heh heh!

Currytan said...

Actually no lar, the theory is that you will still die nonetheless, but if you reached the last stage, i.e. acceptance, then you die happier than if you were to be in the previous 4 stages...well cos you've let go.