Saturday, February 17, 2007

Of reunion dinner

It's Chinese New Year's eve and every Chinese family by now should have had their reunion dinner which often involves family and relatives gathering around the steamboat, signifying warmness and closeness in the family, having a wonderful feast with mouth watering food, which too have their own symbolic significance.

The above was my reunion dinner, bbq style on the left and the traditional steamboat on the right.

Yesterday also had a reunion dinner with my Nus friends after tennis over at a Sakura in clementiwoods. It’s just opposite engine fac (up the hill behind the japanese school) and its 2 stories filled with a wide selection of food!

So yup, Happy Chinese New Year to all chinese out there. Have a great one!

Also, check out what black skin, cow's liquid and vomit oil have to do with happy new year at Chillycrap's

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