Monday, February 19, 2007

Nanaca crash game

Nanaca crash is a game somewhat similar to the monkey kick challenge where you try to launch your character as far as you can. The initial angle and power doesn't really guarantee a good score; there are special features along the way which you can make use of to boost your character further.

Aerial crash can be used when you are in the air. The red one (only 3 available) is an upwards crash while the blue (rechargeable) gives you a downwards one. Both gives you a boost.

There are other characters planted along the way and when you hit them, certain event will be triggered such as boost, angle up, slow down or even stop, depending on what character you hit.

There are also a few special that you can activate which gives you alot more boost! Here's one:

Alrighty, my best record is 2869.74 meters. Beat that!

Play Nanaca crash!

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Courtney said...

After playing forever, I stumbled upon this challege and I finally got 12363.04m! Beat that! :)