Thursday, January 04, 2007

Of school matters

Just received the results for my module bidding: Successfully allocated with GEK1527, Genes and society. The bidding for this module is so not exciting at all, only 200+ bidding for 301 seats. Heh.

What's neat about GEK1527, I realised, is that all the lectures for my group (SL1) will end by the 8th week (a typical semester in nus is 13 weeks), leaving us lots of time for our core modules. Moreover, there are no tutorials for this. An essay assignment and a midterm quiz constitute the CA component of this module.

So there, the above should more or less be the finalized timetable for my coming semester.

More events coming up:

1) Tutorial bidding for ECE students, round 1A starts on the 8th of Jan (Mon). Ballot for your tutorial slots over at Cors.

2) Next up is the lab registration at, starting from 15th Jan.


tstar said...

found u a picture for my links... hope u find it ok...

Currytan said...

Woah, that looks like some red hot spicy curry you've got there. I am more of a yellow curry, with a bold taste, sweet with subtle hints of spices. Heh..

tstar said...

HAHA! And all that's supposed to be portrayed in a single picture?! =D