Monday, December 11, 2006

3 Best Stalls in NUS Canteens

Okay, here's a super overdue meme tagged and started off by Pandy:

1) List three stalls (in no particular order) in NUS canteens that you like the most.
2) Explain briefly your choice for each.
3) Tag three people (NUS students and staff... duh!).
4) Link back to the person who tagged you so that backlinks/trackbacks will appear.

1st Choice: Indian food stall in Engine Canteen
The roti prata is the main reason why this stall is chosen. With only 40 cents, you can enjoy a crispy and mouthwatering plain prata soaked in hot curry to kick off your day. Prata with egg costs only 70 cents and there are other types of prata you can get there, including egg with onions, egg with cheese, etc. There are 3 type of curry to choose from, as shown in the picture to the left.

2nd Choice: Dumpling noodles stall in YIH Canteen
I always heard people saying that the food in YIH cannot make it. But well, there is this dumping noodle stall that is simply a must try! Springy noodle that is not soggy at all with a great soup base and delicious dumplings. Their specialty is the san xian dumpling which is supposed to have 3 tasty (hence san xian) ingredients in it, very nice! Other than this, there are also other great noodle dishes there.

3rd Choice: Yong Tau Foo stall in Arts Canteen
Long queue was inevitable even outside of meal times, there were just too many people flooding to this stall from all over the university. Great selections of ingredients as well as the appetizing soup base and laksa gravy were the highlight of this stall. Of course, there are other reasons why my friends and I chose to eat in this stall, but let’s not comment on that.

Other great stalls worth mentioning:
Western stall in Business canteen
Wanton noodles in Science canteen (the one beside the chicken rice stall)
Indonesian foods stall in Engine canteen

Kang Rui


tstar said...

wah, thank you lor! i was looking at my tracker and wondering how come suddenly got link from ur blog! haha...
btw, are the pratas fast? the one at arts canteen's really slow although it's nice.

Pandemonium said...

Hey, thanks for doing the meme. I've totally forgotten about it until Zhi Guo brought it up. Heh, as I've commented to him, this meme may not longer be that accurate as the Arts canteen is now closed.

But well, thanks for the recommendations! I'll definitely try out the prata in Engine... the Science prata totally cannot make it (it is those kind of microwave type...), so much so that I got the impression NUS has no good prata stalls.

Anyway, you may want to clarify which Science wanton noodle stall you're referring to. There are two: one sells noodles exclusively, while the other also sells chicken rice.

tstar said...

I think the old stall owners will still be back after the renovation of arts canteen... although we'll have to wait some time to find out, hehz...

Currytan said...

Oh yes, i mean the wanton noodle stall beside the chicken rice stall. The other one cannot make it lar..heh. And yup, you should try the pratas in engine.

Yea, its quite fast, in fact most of the time they made them before hand, but they are still pretty hot. Hmm i never got the chance to try the one in arts.