Sunday, September 03, 2006

Of gathering

Gathering with some jc classmates yesterday, Tnt, Danny and Jun An. Went Newton circle for dinner and had oyster omelette, stingray, squid, kang kong and satay. Yea 4 out of 5 dishes are spicy and tnt+danny almost couldn't take it, while Junan and I wondered what the fuss was all about with our +10 to spicy resistence hat hanging on our head.

Sometimes I do feel left out when they start to discuss about ntu's stuff.. Yes all from ntu engine. And yea, we all agree that engineers lead a very hard undergrad life compared to other professions. And its not like as though we will get a better life out there after we graduate..

Anyway, the electrical engineers proved that their mechanics knowledge surpass that of the mechanical engineers in a game of pool! Wahaha!

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