Thursday, August 10, 2006


Had a BBQ lunch + dinner with the signallers yesterday at Jackson's house. The idea came from Jevon and was organised by Jian Cheng, Pandy, Jevon and myself in an effort to get the whole platoon together before the ppl studying overseas return for their studies and the local ppl beginning our another 4 months of hell school life. It was fun doing the planning despite some disagreements in the choice of food here and there.

We ordered the food from BBQ Wholesale which offers a wide range of marinated bbq food and other accessories. Check out their huge list of items here, and with such affordable price, parties can now be hassle-free yet economical. We have 15 people and each only have to fork out 10 bucks to enjoy a whole day bbq with otahs, satays, chicken wings, chicken chops, sausages, sambal sotongs, stringrays, fried bee hoon, drinks and beers. The only downside is that the food comes in packet and the quantity of each packet is fixed and therefore does not allow for flexibility over the choice in quantity.

Oh yea, the fried bee hoon was cooked on the day itself by Jevon, Tim and myself:

Jevon, the great chef, in action, cutting some of the ingredients which include carrots, hotdogs and lettuces.

Frying the bee hoon.. looks kinda gross at this point of time..but..

the end product looks darn good ya?

And of course it taste great! Everyone fighting to get their share here, trying hard to keep their drool to themselves. =)

Another great cook in action, Winston Chan bbqing the chicken wings here.

Other than bbq, we also had badminton games as well:

Tim here trying to use his telekinetic powers to force his opponents to miss. (but he failed, heh)

Jinx and Jared.
"Hey, you hit that!"
"Nono, its closer to your side! You hit that!"
"Are you sure??! Let me check!"
The shuttlecock flew right in between them as Jared lean over to check. The two of them watch in discontent as the shuttlecock touches the ground with a cheer of victory roaring at the other end of the court.
"Its the wind lar..", one of them hissed.

Ok no more photos after this cos I began my cooking and eating and having fun. =)

The rest of the activities include playing card games, piano, majong, watching NDP and Singapore Idol, more bbqing plus eating and just sitting around drink beer and talk cock.

Yea it was a great platoon gathering and we might make this an annual event, provided Pandy dun mind all the inconveniences we have brought to his family and the mess we made in his house. Heh.

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