Saturday, July 22, 2006

Of timetable

My next sem's timetable will look something like this, excluding tutorials of non-cores and possibly one more module:

(Click to enlarge)


EE2004: Electronic devices - Some chemistry stuff, semiconductors, dielectric materials, Bipolar junction transistor (BJT), etc..

EE2005: Electronics - Dry circuit analysis, amplifiers, op-amp, diodes, BJT amplifer circuit, Field-effect transistor, etc.

EE2011: Engineering Electromagnetics - EM waves and their applications. I think got some revision of PC1432 and MA1506 stuff..sheesh.


ST2334: Statistic and Probability - As the name suggested, statistic and probability lor.

GEM2900: Understanding uncertainty and statistical thinking - Of making rational decisions to survive in an uncertain world through statistical and probabilistic ideas about information. Can be counted as either science gem or arts gem.

And one more module which I have yet to decide. But judging from the above rather-cramped timetable, I am not certain if I could possibly squeeze in another mod and not killing myself as a result. *shrug* Oh wait, the lab is not every week. But then, it seems that every core needs a separate timeslot for the labs. So how can I possibly allocate any 6th module without clashing? We shall see..

Ahh.. SSA2204, Nation-building in Singapore? Fit nicely into the thursday slot. Might as well right? Can clear my Singapore studies (SS). Aiya, shall think about it some other time ba, meeting up with the signallers again later. Heh.

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