Sunday, June 04, 2006

Away for reservist

Alright, its time for me to go for my reservist very soon, around 30 hrs time, heh. While some started panicking packing their stuff for this adventure camp like 2 weeks back, currytan only opened up his ali baba bag, for the first time since ord (read: 21st march 05), only like 3 days ago. Imagine the pungent aroma that blasted out of the shit that turned my enthusiasm into a face of horror..

Nothing much for now, just some stuff to make up for my absence.

Of a relating topic to army/national service, I present to you "zo peng" or serving army in chinese. A short film which cast girls as nsf to complain and reflect about their ns life in typical nsf lingo. Some of the issues discussed were so similar to mine that i had to nod in agreement.

Next up, some
outrageous news bloopers:

Check out this mouse. With a dimension of only 2.3 by 2.7cm, this is attached to one finger and the user can just use the thumb to click on the buttons or scroll.


Cool but not that desirable, i am happy with my current mouse..

(Via TechEBlog)

Swarm the dot com via LancerLord

"Swarm is a useful tool for browsing the web, not searching it. You need to come here with an open mind and you may find some really cool stuff."


Start swarming here!

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