Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another meme

Was tagged by Rational Neurotic for this meme:

3 blogs because of their pictures.

  1. Chuwen - Its your men's magazine online, thats what his title says. Fashion, food, his cute rabbit and most importantly, Hot bloggers of the week! The last one pretty much sums it up actually. Heh. =)

  2. Pandemonium - His new camera is the source of many of our platoon gatherings, high quality photos. Some cool physics toys are also worth a look.

  3. Jevon - Student in Paris with pics of the beautiful scenery of Paris and other parts of Europe he visited, like Italy, London.

3 blogs because they really makes you think or seek information.

  1. - for featured articles

  2. LancerLord - for his links

  3. Pandemonium - for his interesting articles: Physics, Philosophy, Politics.

3 blogs because they make you laugh

  1. Mr Brown - Cool funny shit.

  2. Siu Hang - Creative and funny. Finalist of the creative section of blogfest 2006 wor.

  3. NinjaLZG - Funny at times. Actually, reading his tagboard alone is a great entertainment liaoz. =)

And tag 3 blogs!

  1. NinjaLZG

  2. Pandemonium

  3. Jevon

Alright, its done. Now, pass it on. Heh.


chillycraps said...

protest!! you spelt my name wrongly =S

Currytan said...

Ooops.. srry srry, did this in a rush. Corrected liaoz. Heh.

ZenEkz said...

Well Done! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey! U spelt my name wrongly too! It's NinjaLZG and not whatever u spelt! Sheesh... =(