Saturday, May 27, 2006

Of Random stuff


I got back 2 results today.

  1. results to my financial aid application.
  2. results to the exams for my second semester in nus.

1 good news and other disappointing.

So there, I shall leave you people to guess which is which.. lol


Guards family day and reservist info for fellow comrades

I guess most of my platoon people must have recieved their reservist letter and the NDP/guards family day invitation.

So, regarding the family day thingy.. anyone interested? Lets...erm..take it as another platoon outing ok?

"Charting our future, strengthening our foundation." - 724 Guards.


What to bring:

Standard stuff: Full pack, SBO, helmet, number 4, admin t-shirt and shorts, pt kit and shoes, jockey cap and beret, 11B and pink ic/drivers license

Locks for cupboards, notes on signal stuff, wire cutter, spanner, personal stuff

For support side:

  • Our OC Support is LTA Joe (formerly mortar), but it seems the man is deferring, so the stand-in is the Scout PC known as "Tiger".
  • There are no designated Lightstrike PC/PSes yet
  • Jason won't be coming, so Pioneers will be led by Sg Neo.
  • Jon Lau isn't coming either, so Mortar pl in the good hands of Yinghao.
  • We do, however, have two BSOs - Shung Yar and Mr Yam, and one of them might be deployed elsewhere. Our Sgs are the dynamic duo of Gavin and Zhou.
  • Our CSM is Kua, formerly from Lightstrike
  • Sufian is our CQ.

At the Bn level:

  • S3 is a K K Goh, a fellow from MOE (admin side).
  • S2 is Jacky (formerly Dy S2 in our time).
  • S1 is Jeremy
  • S4 is Heng Chuan.
  • RSM is an Indian chap.
  • RQ is some old Chinese dude.
  • MO is the same - Doctor Tee.
  • QM is Yu-An.
  • OC Alpha is Edwin Khoo
  • OC B is Quak
  • OC C is Leng Wan (he was at S3 branch for a while).
  • MTO is some fellow surname Ling (William's predecessor).

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cheahchuwen said...

i so so miss the army.